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About This Site

The notes on this site come from my personal wiki, which is powered by EmacsMuseMode and EmacsPlannerMode. I've maintained a personal wiki for years and have around 3000 pages in my wiki database. Recently I started publishing a small portion of my wiki on this site.

Most of the notes in my wiki are primarily organized for my own use. They contain lots of little details I've collected from many different sources over the last few years. The majority are just hierarchical lists with few full sentences. I've decided to publish them anyway, with the thought that even some of the obscure references might at least help someone desperate come up with the right terms to plug into GooGle.

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Since I maintain this wiki in emacs on my PowerBook, there's no easy way to let others on the web contribute. If you find inaccurate information on this site or if you would like to contribute additional info, please let me know!

About Me

  Instead of keeping a bow taut while holding it straight,
    better to relax.
  You may temper a sword until it is razor sharp,
    but you cannot preserve the edge for long.
  When gold and jade fill your rooms,
    no one will be able to guard them for you.
  If wealth and honor make you haughty,
    you bequeath misfortune upon yourself.
  To withdraw when your work is finished,
    that is the way of nature.

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